Assessment Centers – Development Centers

What are assessment centers?

An assessment centre is usually an all day event (or longer) which forms part of the latter stages of a company's recruitment procedure.  Employers want to find out how you perform in different situations and devise activities to test you in various ways.

What can I expect to happen at an assessment centre?

Various activities - but you are unlikely to face everything listed here at one assessment centre

Second interview - a second interview will focus on any doubts or weaknesses that were raised in the first interview Chance to meet recent graduate recruits - even if you're told that this isn't being assessed, don't relax too much!  Use the opportunity to find out about the actual work, a typical day, the change from student to working life etc

In-tray exercise - the scenario is that your boss has been taken ill and you have to sort through the papers on his/her desk with the aid of a diary and organisation chart Aptitude or psychometric tests - many employers run verbal and numerical reasoning tests - these are held under strict exam conditions.  Practise in advance, declare any disability (including dyslexia) and mention if English is not your first language before the test begins.  Diagrammatic reasoning tests are used mainly in computing posts

Group exercises - these may be practical, discussion based or physical activities

Presentation - You may be notified of a topic in advance or given a subject during the assessment centre. Remember that the style of your presentation is as important as the content.

Group discussion - You may be asked to discuss issues of current importance to the profession or sector or current news items. Prepare by keeping up to date with the news and researching the sector, other organizations within that sector etc.

General rules for assessment centres;

Never give up - even if one person seems to be doing everything perfectly

Don't panic if you do badly in one aspect.  If you do well in others, your overall assessment may still be good. 

Speak clearly, observers may be behind you in group exercises

Don't compare yourself with others - employers recruit to a standard, not a quota

Get involved in all activities

Beware of the free bar!



Development Center (DC) is a highly reliable modern method for mapping the competences of your employees and defining their future development plans.

We typically prepare one- or two-day program for our clients' DCs. As part of the program, employees participate in individual and group situations (model situations, case studies, job psych diagnostics, etc.) that correspond to the competences necessary for success in the given position in the given organization.

Our clients most often use DC as an efficient tool in the following cases: creating personal measurable development plans, identification of internal talent, support of talents' further growth and development of management skills in employees on managerial positions.



      You will get reliable and relevant information about the strengths and weaknesses of your employees that you would not be able to identify otherwise.

      You will be able to set precisely targeted development activities (training, coaching, mentoring) focusing on areas identified in the Development Center as requiring growth improvement, thus increasing your return on investment in employee development.

      You will be able to compare employees.

      Participants will be able to learn by imitation (participants often state that DC is a useful development experience).

      DC increases the competence of internal evaluators.

      DC will be accepted by your company as a fair and reliable method of HR decision making.



Complexity: We work on the entire process - we help clients define the required competences, we develop suitable forms of internal communication, we design and implement DC including feedback to all participants, we help companies develop the form and content of personal development plans.

Careful analysis of the client's needs: Before each DC, we carefully investigate the objectives and aims of each project, all relevant circumstances, competences necessary for the performance of the specific position in the specific company, the client's expectations of a suitable DC design, etc.

Professionalism: When implementing DC, we use teams of experienced professional facilitators, evaluators and, if necessary, actors.

Specific and targeted activities: We always adapt activities according to the specifics of the position and the company. We use activities that best map the given competences.



      Individual DC

      Group DC

      DC with outdoor activities

      One-day long DC

      Two-days long DC

Self Awareness

Begin the awareness journey towards self-discovery and open a whole new world of possibilities!

Who are you?What can make you happy?What are your beliefs in life?What stops you from moving forward?What do you want to achieve in your life?

Were you able to answer the questions in a snap of a finger? Your ability to answer these simple yet powerful questions reflects how truly aware you are of yourself.

Self awareness is a journey towards self-discovery. It is all about understanding different facets of yourself - how you think, what you feel, how you react to a situation, how you trust your creativity and inner guidance. It is all about progressively raising your consciousness and awareness so you can experience more of life.

Strengthening your self-awareness can lead to:

      Healing inner blocks so you uncover your authentic self

      Effective decision making in life

      Creating an environment that better suits your needs

      Sustaining a positive change in your life

      Focusing your energy and time towards what you really do best

      Discovering your true and unlimited potentials

We have developed this awareness training program and exercises to spark your self-awareness and tap into the part of your brain and heart that rarely gets accessed.

Welcome to Higher Awareness. We're John and Patrice Robson, and we've discovered that self awareness is the key that unlocks the riches of life.

Each of us has all the answers to the questions of our lives right inside of us. We simply have to learn how to become aware of our own inner wisdom.

And yes, we know it can be very hard to believe that you already have the solutions to your problems inside you if you're lacking self confidence, stuck in a difficult relationship, broke, fearful of failing health or just generally frustrated and disappointed with your life. But from our own experience, we can assure you that if you want your life to change, self awareness training is the path to success.

Self awareness training and exercises will bring out the SOLUTION to every problem and the ANSWER to every question within you.


Interview Techniques

An interview is a life-changing experience for both interviewees and interviewers!

This Interviewing Techniques training helps you to ensure that you get good people to help take your organization's image, style, and efficiency further forward. It can be expensive to recruit new members of your team; and even more expensive if you recruit the wrong people! We look at:

the job description;

      writing a person specification;

      accepting or rejecting applications and CVs;

      being clear about whom you wish to interview;

      both competency-based and behavioral skills interviewing techniques;

      how to make effective final selection of candidates.


At the end of the course delegates will be able to demonstrate a better understanding of how to:

      Work with a person specification

      Recognize a credible C.V.

      Understand the importance of interviewing effectively

      Understand the styles of selection interviewing

      Identify the key criteria for the job

      Work with company interview forms and check sheets

      Understand the concepts of group interviewing

      Use good questioning techniques

      Understand the benefits and skills of effective listening

      Understand how to make and select the best candidate

      Build rapport with candidates in order to gain relevant information about their background and experiences

      Recognize behavior, type and temperament traits

      Have greater confidence in their ability control the interview

      Be aware of interviewing, selection, recruitment issues relating to fairness, race, sexual orientation, ethnic background and religion


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