Sales Leadership

In challenging markets the skill and professionalism of your salespeople is a critical success factor – it can differentiate you from your competitors. But a great team can only be great if it has a great leader! Field Sales Managers succeed through team effort. For your sales team to meet its objectives and achieve outstanding results, you must be able to motivate and coach each member, while leading by example. Learn how to make your team look forward to your field visits and how to train and develop them during the process. Learn sales leadership skills which generate top performance from all your team members. Whether you are newly appointed or experienced, this practical program provides a wealth of ideas for achieving sales targets through improved people management.

You will leave the training able to: 

•      Identify your own sales management style and improve performance by adapting your approach to meet the needs of your team

•      Organize yourself, your priorities and your time

•      Recruit and select high performing salespeople

•      Lead and motivate your sales team to achieve results in tough times as well as good times

•      Prepare and deliver effective and motivational team meetings

•      Benchmark and coach your team during field visits

•      Establish realistic Key Performance Indicators for individuals and the team as a whole

•      Conduct effective performance reviews

•      Create your own Development Diary and Personal Action Plan to help you, your team and your company long after the program


Customer Focus

We approach Customer Focus from two perspectives:

Strategic Customer Focus - for managers (all - not only those in customer-oriented roles)

Customer Service Excellence - for customer facing staff

The modules have been designed to complement each other but may be run as stand-alone workshops. Senior leaders may benefit from participating in the Customer Service Excellence module to gain a greater understanding of the issues experienced by customer-facing staff.

The modules are starting points; the content can be adapted and any workshops will be tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization and wherever possible real-life or organization-specific case studies and examples will be used.


Strategic Customer Focus

This course looks at the impact of customer service on the financial bottom-line and how it fits with an organization's overall strategy. It provides the rationale for leaders to invest time, energy and resources in achieving customer service excellence and participants will learn how customer service is the foundation of sustainable competitive advantage. The module links customer service to shareholder value, branding and culture and sets it within the context of marketing in its widest sense.

The course also emphasizes the role leaders and managers have in translating customer focus strategy into practical action through processes, scorecards and people leadership.

Customer Service Excellence

This module will help customer-facing staff to deliver service that creates the “Wow-factor” and leads to customer delight rather than mere satisfaction. The course is extremely practical and focuses particularly on building and managing relationships with individual customers.

Tele Sales

Interaksiyon teaches tele­sales strategies and skills, but goes a step further. It instills in your staff an intrinsic desire to serve prospects and customers by understanding their situations, their problems, needs, and desires and presenting your product or service in a way that addresses those issues. No longer will your sales reps be missing opportunities or reading tedious scripts. With this tele­sales training course, your sales reps will easily be able to personalize tele­sales messages, overcome resistance, and gain commitment to their call objective.

This tele­sales training program teaches representatives to:

•      Better understand buyer needs

•      Personalize sales messages

•      Have more control of the call

•      Have more confidence

•      Overcome resistance in a positive way

•      Gain commitment to their call objective

It’s the perfect training for inside tele­sales representatives and outside field reps who use the telephone to:

•      Prospect for new business

•      Set appoint­ments

•      Qualify leads

•      Make one time sales

•      Manage ongoing accounts


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