‘Best practices’ is a term consultants love to throw around.  Observe what works well and implement it in your organization.  Seems simple enough.  How often, though, do attempts to incorporate lessons learned from industry actually pan out?  So often, an energized stakeholder will champion a cause, only to have it never gain traction internally.  “That won’t work here.”  “No way the CEO would approve that!”

Sometimes a good idea never gets off the ground because of a stubborn internal view of “this is how we’ve always done it.”  Other times, an initiative will lack the full backing of the C-suite and the teeth to go with it.  Even then, attempts at incorporating best practices can still go awry due to poor change management planning and implementation.

So, you’ve got a great idea, but how do you drive real change to your organization?

Explain the business rationale.  Why does this idea make sense for us to incorporate?

Connect the dots.  Get your team on the same page.

Prepare for change.  Do you know how this will affect different levels of the organization?

Communicate the change.  Articulate the why to those affected, along with the how.

Know where to find help.  No matter how good your idea may be, it is just the nature of some organizations to reject internal change; be prepared to bring in an expert who can lend some credence to your efforts.



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